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The Department of IT Engineering has grown over the years into a competent department with state of the art computing facilities and dedicated faculty. The goal of the department is to establish state of the art computing environment to develop competent computer engineers with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship. The department has organizes various workshops like Android, .Net and PHP which are beneficial for the students to develop their final year projects. We also organize the event every year which has TALENT HUNT, Blind C, Code War, Poster Presentation & LAN Gaming events. We recently had MOU with Aedifico Delhi and INCYS Solapur. We have visiting various companies like Ideaz Multimedia Kolhapur, AB Software Satara, Akashwani Ratnagiri to get knowledge of the current market of IT.

Course Details

Duration 3 YEAR
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  • Programming LAB-II

    This Programming LAB is used to conduct the practical performances of various programming languages like C++, Java, Advanced Java, Client side scripting, and for workshops on various languages like android, python, PHP etc.

    Network LAB-II

    The Network LAB-II is used to conduct the practical of network related subjects like computer network, for developing final year projects

    Multimedia LAB

    The Multimedia LAB is used to conduct the practical of animation and multimedia technic subject, various workshops on programming languages

    Hardware and Microprocessor LAB-II

    The Hardware and Microprocessor LAB-II is used to conduct the practical of computer hardware and maintaince

    Communication LAB

    The Communincation LAB is utilized for conducting the practicals of mobile computing and communitioan techniques subjects

    Basic Electronics LAB

    The Basic Electronics LAB is utilized for conducting the practicals of Basic Electronics and Digital techniques and Microprocessor subjects

  • Sr. No. Event Collaboration Utility
    1 Industry 4.0 Workshop IGTR Aurangabad For faculty and Students
    2 Work shop on IOT IGTR Aurangabad For faculty and Student's
    3 Python Programming Workshop TechnoWings Pvt. Ltd., Solapur For student's
    4 PHP Programming Workshop TechnoWings Pvt. Ltd., Solapur For student's
    5 Faculty Development Training Program MSBTE Mumbai. For Faculty
    6 Guest Lecture on Client Side Scripting Ranjeet Swami,(Samarth Softech Solutions pvt. ltd) For Third Year Student
    7 Importance of Pranayam Samarpan For Students
  • Mr. Avdhut Suryakant Bhise, (HOD)

    M.E. CSE Exp: 9.01 Years.

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  • Mr. Sharad Manohar Kawale

    M.E. CSE Exp: 09.08 Years.

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  • Mr. Somnath Agatarao Zambare

    B.E. CSE Exp: 2.08 Years.

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  • Mr. Krushna Bharat Pise

    B.E. CSE (M. Tech. Pursuing) Industry Exp: 1.5 Years | Teaching Exp: 1.9 Years.

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  • Mr. Laxman Baburao Dethe

    M.E. CSE Exp: 4.00 Years.

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  • Ms. Geeta J. Khare

    M.E. CSE Exp: 4.00 Years.

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  • Ms.Chaitali Nandkumar Gund

    B.E. CSE Exp: 3.0 Years.

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  • Ms.Minal Prakash Pawar

    M.E.(CSE) Exp: 7. Years. (Teaching) & 2.5 (Industrial)

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  • Our Pride Alumni

    Deshmukh Samruddhi S.

    B.E. (W.I.T. Sangali)

    माझे माध्यमिक शिक्षण छोट्या गावातून झाले. मी ठरवले होते की मला इंजीनियर होयचय. पण मला एकदम गाव सोडून बाहेर डिप्लोमा करावा असे वाटले. नंतर मग मला माझ्या गावाजवळ च कॉलेज आहे ते कळाले. मी बाहेर न जाता पुढील शिक्षणा साठी SVERI's College of Engineering (Polytechnic) Pandharpur. (Gopalpur) ची निवड केली. तेथे मला आवश्यक असे अभ्यासासाठी वातावरण मिळाले.तसेच तेथील शिक्षक वयक्तिक प्रत्येक मुलांकडे लक्ष देत असत. तेथील आधुनिक शिक्षण पद्धती मुळे अभ्यासक्रम सोपा वाटू लागला तसेच आम्ही अभ्यासक्रमाबरोबर इतर event मध्ये पण भाग घेऊ लागले यामुळे बाहेरच्या जगात इतर कोणत्या गोष्टी चालू आहेत ते कळू लागले. हे कॉलेज व तेथील शिष्त, आणि शिक्षकांच्या योग्य मार्गदर्शना मुळे माझा सर्वांगीण विकास झाला.

    Mr. Yashraj Dhone

    Assistant Section Officer, Govt. of Maharashtra

    I am content to be a part of SVERI. It has given me an opportunity to learn and grow. SVERI believes in the development of student's mind, body and soul. Apart from imparting a top class education, the faculty is constantly focused on on improving student's intellect and personality. What I like the most here is that in comparison to other engineering college is toppers felicitation. So Student take academics here quite seriously.

    Sagar Gaikwad

    Persistent Systems (Module Lead)

    I have Completed my Diploma in Information Technology from SVERI’s College of Engineering [Poly] in 2011, I was the student of first batch of diploma. I did my engineering from same college in Information Technology in 2014. Even if we are student of first batch then also every individual staff and management committee of sveri has provided all the facilities to us. I really appreciate all the hard work and efforts of all staff members. As a alumni I feel really proud that I’m pass-out from college of engineering Pandharpur. As we all grow in our professional life what matters is our core technical knowledge and communication which will help us a lot in building our future. I really appreciate the effort of Dr. N. D. Misal, Prof. A. S. Bhise, Academic Coordinator Prof. S. M. Kawale and all other staff memebers for their dedicated enforcement towards every individuals growth. As said by someone our hard work will always give us back, Stay dedicated and stay focused towards technology as this is emerging era of technology.

  • Sr. No. Name of the Company/Organization Activity Conducted Month
    1 IncSys Pvt. Ltd Project Guidance December 2017 to March 2018
    2 Aedifico Tech Pvt. Ltd. HTML & CSS January 2018
    3 Technowings International IT Solution Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp August 2017
    4 SNITS IT Training Institute Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp August 2017
    5 Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED), Solapur 3 Days Workshop -------

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