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The Department of Mechanical engineering established in the year 2008 with an annual intake of 60 students and has made us a steady progress since then. Currently it has an annual intake of 120 students. To meet the quality of requirements, departments “AICTE Delhi and MSBTE Mumbai.” “While most are dreaming of success, winners wake up and work hard to achieve it. We are known for excellent result in the MSBTE examination and our students grab highest ranks in MSBTE exam every year. MSBTE Awarded Excellent remark in last monitoring. Our Mechanical Engineering department awarded NBA accreditation in 2019. We always were trying to recognize for excellence in Mechanical engineering in Maharashtra. Department has qualified and dedicated faculty and is known for its high academics standard, well maintained discipline and excellent infrastructural facilities. Our Principal awarded Ph.D. in year 2017 and he is from mechanical background. Our strength is our well experienced faculty having background of Industry plus teaching. Department has well equipped laboratories such as SOM, CAD/CAM, AUTOMATION, TOM, FMM, MEM, AUTOMOBILE, EME, POWER and WORKSHOP. We are developing CNC production cell, utilizing for job production and live student training on machine also robotics excellence Centre in collaboration with PMS Robotics Pune. We are adopting various trainings for faculty and students also for overall development.

Course Details

Duration 3 YEAR
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  • FLUID Mechanics & Machinery LAB

    This FMM lab is used to conduct the practical performance of pelton wheel turbine, centrifugal pump & reciprocating pump, also used to measure pressure of fluid, to measure flow rate of a fluid & measure losses through a pipe etc.

    Central Workshop

    This is Central Workshop used to perform practical’s on machine shop and Welding shop.


    This power lab is used to conduct the practical performance of IC engine, Compressor, Refrigerator, & also conduct PUC test, demonstration of Window AC etc.


    This AEN lab is used to demonstrate various automobile models like clutch, gear box, differential, rims types, brake etc for third year mechanical students.


    This SOM lab is used to conduct the practical performance of tensile strength, shear strength on UTM machine, torsion testing machine, Izod & Charpy testing Machine to find stress strain etc.


    This CAD lab is used to conduct the practical performance of various software like Auto CAD, CATIA for second year & third year mechanical Students.


    This MQC lab is used to perform various practical’s concerned with method of measurement, its accuracy, error in measurement, inspection of products & gain the knowledge of different measuring instrument etc.


    This Automation lab is used to produce the job on CNC Milling & CNC Turning for third year mechanical students.

    Mechanical Engineering Material LAB

    This MEM lab is uses microscopy to provide important information about the structure & properties of Metal & alloy samples. Prepare specimen of a material for microscopic examination. To determine hardness of a given sample

  • Sr. No. Event Collaboration Utility
    1 Industry 4.0 Workshop IGTR Auranagabad For faculty and Students
    2 Faculty Develoment Program Mr. Kabir Gaikawad, (Atlas Copco, Pune) Faculty
    3 Challenges and Opportunites in Navy Chief Officer-Marchant Navy For student's
    4 Awarness of SAP SAP-Trainer R.Solution For Student's
    5 Design of Submarine Sysytem Engineer-TCS Pune For Student's
    6 Faculty Develoment Program Sulzer India Pvt.Ltd.,Pune For Faculty
    7 Stress Management Marketing Consultency & Service,Mumbai For Student's
    8 Latest Trends in Software Technowings, Saolapur For Student's
    9 Renewable Energy Sourses Aker Power gas Subsea Pvt.Ltd.Pune For student's
    10 Advanced Manufacturing Process Freshers Training Centre, Pune For student's
    11 Communication Improvement Program Lead Consultant, Nashik For Student's
    12 Soft skill Development Mpower Talent, Ichalkaranji For student's
    13 Personality Developoment Mpower Talent, Ichalkaranji For Student's
    15 Eneterpreneurship Awarness Camp MCED, Solapur For Student's
    16 FEA and Industrial Requirements Magna International Inc, Aurora, Ontario, Canada For Student's
    17 Professional Practice Relince Industry Mumbai For Student's
    18 PMS Robotics, Pune Industrial Training For Student's
  • MR. A . D . Sapkal ( HOD )

    B.E. Mech. (M.E. Pursuing) Exp: 05 Years (Teaching) & 0 (Industrial).

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  • MR.S. J. Jagtap ( Lecturer )

    M.E. Exp: 13 Years (Teaching) & 0 (Industrial).

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  • MR. N . B . Jadhav( Lecturer )

    B.E. Mech.(M.E. Pursuing) Exp: 10 Years (Teaching) & 0 (Industrial).

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  • Mr. M . S. Lokhande( Lecturer )

    BE Mech (ME Pursuing) Exp: 20 Years (Teaching) & 0 (Industrial).

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  • Mr. Y . D . Chavan( Lecturer )

    M.E.(Design Pursuing) Exp: 06 Years (Teaching) & 0 (Industrial).

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  • MR. A . A . Pawar( Lecturer )

    B.E. Mech.(M. Tech. Pursuing) Exp: 05 Years (Teaching) & 0 (Industrial).

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  • MR. A . T. Deshmukh( Lecturer )

    M.E.(Design Engg.) Exp: 04 Years (Teaching) & 0 (Industrial).

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  • MR.S. W. Torane( Lecturer )

    B.E. Exp: 03 Years (Teaching) & 0 (Industrial).

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  • MR.R. N. Dhane( Lecturer )

    B.E.(Production) Exp: 12 Years(Teaching) & 12 Years (Industrial).

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  • Our Pride Alumni


    Mr. Pruthviraj Avinash Chavan

    I am Pruthviraj Avinash Chavan student of SVERI’s COE Polytechnic Pandharpur pass out 2015-2016 batch. Regarding academic the syllabus of all subjects is being completed by all teachers well before the exam. The sufficient notes related to the curriculum were also provided another some activities like test series, Guest lectures, Industrial visit etc. Were also will organized not only in academics but also in extra curriculum activities were also organized for student’s personality development such as annual cultural event beats, project competition Agro-challenge, sport weak etc. Another one important activity named as proctor session were also conducted considering the important of English in our future college had also provided us some good services like Bus facility Wi-Fi connectivity Computer Labs, Library, study rooms etc. There are lots of things regarding our college I tried to write some of those which I experienced the best one.


    Miss. Dhanvijaya Khatmode

    Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune

    I am Dhanvijaya Khatmode alumni of SVERI’s College of Engineering (Polytechnic), Pandharpur eager to say few words about college. My experience through out the college is really great. as this college is reputedly known for its excellence and good results. Also with top priority for discipline and quality education. Students are under the supervision of many test series, different types of competition, exercise and guest lectures. The tireless efforts trough extra lectures are taken for students who need special attention for improving results. Also they focus on English communication skills by conducting an activity named “Proctor”, which help me a lot. So I am really great full that I got an opportunity to study in this college. Also I would like to give my best wishes

    Balaji Bharat Khot

    Bridgestone Tyres Ltd, Pune

    तस शिक्षणाची पहिल्या पासूनच आवड. स्वप्न होत यशस्वी इंजिनिअर बनायचे पण घरच्या जेमतेम परिस्थिती मुळे ते थोड अशक्य वाटत होत. दहावी मधे चांगले मार्क्स मिळाल्या नंतर पुढे काय करावे या बद्दल विचार करत होतो. दरम्यान च्या काळात मला स्वेरीज कॉलेज ऑफ इंजिनिअरिंग पंढरपूरच नाव कळाल. मला अस कळाल की या कॉलेज मधे माझ्या सारख्या गरजू विद्यार्थ्यांना *कमवा आणि शिका* नावाची योजना आहे. अन ती फक्त कागदावर नसून प्रत्यक्षात ती यशस्वीपणे राबवली जाते. मग मी ठरवल की याच कॉलेज मध्ये प्रवेश घ्यायचा अण स्वतः च्या कष्टावर अण कॉलेज च्या साथीने यशस्वी इंजिनिअर बनायचे.खरच या कॉलेजमुळे आणि *प्राचार्य डॉ. मिसाळ सर* यांच्या मार्गदर्शनामुळे मी एक यशस्वी इंजिनिअर झालो. फक्त इंजिनिअर झालो नाही तर कॉलेज मधे आयोजित कॅम्पस इंटरव्ह्यू मधून *Bridgestone India Private Limited* या बहुराष्ट्रीय नामांकित कंपनी मध्ये माझी निवड झाली. कंपनीमध्ये काम करत असताना मला कॉलेजमध्ये शिकलेल्या *तांत्रिक ज्ञाना सोबतच कॅम्पस मधील शिस्त, संयम, आदर, पंढरपुर पॅटर्न* यासह इतर अनेक गोष्टींचा फायदा झाला.मी माझ्या आजच्या यशाबद्दल स्वेरीज कॉलेज ऑफ इंजिनिअरिंग (डिप्लोमा व डिग्री) आणि सर्व प्राध्यापकांचे आभार मानतो.

    Mr.Prashant Lokare

    John Deere India

    I am Prashant Lokare, currently in John Deere, Pune as a Graduate Engineer. I am Diploma Mechanical (2012-15 Batch) pass out student. It's actually a quite good experience to be here in SVERI for 3 years. I did my SSC from my village and then decided to do my career in engineering (being specific in Mechanical), because it is my passion. So, I took admission to First Year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at SVERI's Polytechnic in July 2012. Then I met with Dr. Misal Sir, Dr. Chaudhari sir, and related staff. They have given me lot of guidance which actually helped me a lot afterwards. Also, when I was in SY & TY our department staff helped me a lot. Staff at SVERI are excellent, kind, very helpful and supportive. They not only focus on academic only but also on practical knowledge by having various Industrial expert lectures, Industry visits, Workshop practical’s and related stuff. I took very hard as well as smart work in diploma to have good score as well as practical knowledge. In T.Y. I did my project under N.S. Shaikh sir’s guidance for which I received price at state level agro project competition - Agro Challenge 2014, chaired by Dr. Anil Kakodkar Sir. In SVERI I involved various extra activities other than academics. Our college always provides a very good platform for each kind of activity.

    Mr.Appasaheb Sakhare

    VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. Indor (Joint venture between the Volvo Group (Volvo) and Eicher Motors Limited (EML)

    दहावीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांच्या सराव परीक्षा (प्रिलिम्स) संपल्या, की शाळा-शाळांमधून 10th students farewell कार्यक्रम आयोजित केला जातो आणि विद्यार्थीदेखील त्याची जोरदार तयारी करतात. पण हे सगळं करीत असताना त्यांच्या मनात संमिश्र भावना असतात. नवीन कॉलेजविषयी औत्सुक्य असतं, तर आपली शाळा आणि तेथील सुरक्षित वातावरणातून बाहेर पडावे लागणार याची रुखरुख असते. पण स्वेरी मधील शिक्षकांच्या आपुलकीच्या भावनेमुळे मला कॉलेजमध्ये काहीच त्रास झाला नाही. तसेच सॉफ्ट स्किल्स सुधारण्यासाठी कॉलेजमध्ये विविध व्याखाने व Proctor बॅचेसचे आयोजन केले जाते.यामुळे माझा इंग्लिश बोलण्याचा आत्मविश्वास वाढला. माझ्या जीवनाच्या जडणघडणीत कॉलेजचा खूप मोठा वाटा आहे. याबद्दल मी स्वेरी परिवाराचा मनापासून आभारी आहे..

    Mr.Nikhil chormale

    संतांची भूमी म्हणून प्रसिद्ध असलेल्या गोपाळपूरच्या पावन नगरीत स्वेरी कॉलेजला विध्येच वटवृक्ष मानल जात. या वट वृक्षाखाली माझी तीन वर्ष उत्कृष्ट रित्या पूर्ण झाली. विध्यार्थाच्या विकासासाठी सर्व काही या वट वृक्षाखाली आहे या कॉलेज मुळें झालेल्या माझ्या विकासा बद्दल मी स्वेरी पॉलीटेकनिक स्टाफचा ऋणी आहे संस्थेच्या पुढील वाटचालीस हार्दिक शुभेच्छा

    Mr.Akash Kore

    मी खुप भाग्यवान आहे की मला स्वेरी डिप्लोमा इंजिनीरिंग मद्ये शिकण्याची संधी मिळाली.कॉलेजच्या take respect give respect concept मुळे एकमेकां बद्दल आदराची भावना निर्माण झाली तसेच your nature decides your future या मुळे आमच्या व्यक्तिमत्व विकासामधे भर पडली मी माझ्या इंजिनीरिंग करु इच्छिणाऱ्या मित्रांना स्वेरी मधेच प्रवेश घ्यायला सांगेन.

    Mr.Nikhil chormale

    TATA Consultancy Services, Pune

    This college is one of the best college i have ever seen.we being students of this college love it. Here the education system is not only knowledge based but also value based.we are recognized for our discipline.our college is also famous for research in various fields.I would not speek more as i think Sveri works speaks louder than words

    Mr. Vijayraj Chingund

    L& T technology Services, Mumbai

    "we all know that college is a temple of knowledge. We all are devotees who are daily visiting this temple to gain knowledge and lesson of wisdom. Well, our college has offered me a loads of knowledge and wisdom. Besides making me technically sound which is key factor for an engineer, my department has played role in moulding me into a good human being, a responsible person, a better leader, a better manager, a better conveyer, a better researcher , a better team member , a better professional.... And above all better student"

    Mr. Vivek More


    You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope & achievement. This is what the college has taught me to view curriculum not as errand, but as a habit”.

  • Sr. No. Name of the Company/Organization Activity Conducted Month
    1 M/s. Pawar Engineers& Fabricators, Pandharpur Visit at M/s.Pawar Engineers & Fabricators, Pandharpur Feb. 2018
    2 M/s.CADD Centre 15 days Workshop on “CAD Software” Jan. 2018
    3 Vijay Pattern Works, Satara Industrial visit at “Vijay Patterns Pvt.Ltd.” Satara. Sept. 2017
    4 M/s.Aptron Tech Institude of Technology, Satara Guest lecture Oct 2017
    5 Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED), Solapur 3 Days Workshop 3rd-5th Aug 2018
    6 Dr.Zlatka Valkova Valkova-Jarvis, Bulgaria A seminar on “Exposure to education system in Europe student’s exchange post graduate scholarship etc.” 14th Dec 2018
    7 Dr.Maria Valtcheva Nenova , Bulgaria A seminar on “Exposure to education system in Europe student’s exchange post graduate scholarship etc.” 14th Dec 2018
    8 PMS Robotics Research Centre, Pune. Arranged online 30 days Inplant training for students. 11th Jan. 2020
    9 Bharat Bamboo, Ambegoan (Budruk) Katraj, Pune Product developed “Bamboo cycle” 28th Sept. 2020
    10 SSK Consultants and Engineering Solutions, (Budruk) Katraj, Pune Faculty and Industry interaction 30th Sept. 2020
    11 Hytech Automation , Yeshwant Industrial Estate , off Sinhgad Road Pune Faculty and Industry interaction . 11th Jan. 2021
    12 Narveer Pressings and Assemblies, Chikhali, Pune Faculty and Industry interaction 11th Jan 2021 to 11th Jan 2028
    13 Parth Valves and Hoses LLP, Pune Faculty and Industry interaction 11th Jan 2021 to 11th Jan 2028

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